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Building a legal case against a drunk driver

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

Lapses in judgment, distractions, and a host of other factors can draw drivers’ attention off the road and cause them to create dangerous situations for others. When drivers fail to exercise care to others, they may be held liable for losses they cause victims through personal injury lawsuits. It is often the case that when a driver gets behind the wheel of their car after drinking alcohol and causes an accident, they will be held responsible for the victim’s pain, suffering, and harm.

This is because alcohol is an intoxicant and can impair a driver’s ability to safety use their vehicle. An alcoholic drink can slow the drinker’s reflexes, make them more confident and less inhibited when it comes to exercising safety, and it also makes them less observant. These and other factors can increase drivers’ risks of causing accidents with other motorists.

Because alcohol can do so much to impact how a driver operates their car, it can often form the basis of a negligence-based lawsuit. If a person is drunk, they generally cannot exercise a reasonable standard of care to others because they cannot function with all their faculties intact. They may be liable for the damages they cause and the harm they inflict on others.

Personal injury lawyers should be involved in cases where drunk drivers are alleged to have caused serious injuries and losses due to vehicle collisions. They can help their clients protect their rights and work toward recovering their losses so that they may work toward more stable futures.