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Drivers are over-reliant on advanced safety features

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Can there be too much of a good thing? It turns out for safety features; the answer is yes. A study by AAA found that drivers are becoming too reliant on new safety tech in everyday driving.

The study shows how quickly we integrate new technology into our daily routine even if we do not fully understand its limitations.

Understanding technology’s limitations

Many drivers of new cars overestimate what their safety technology is capable of. Drivers confuse the different terms and what each one can do, which in turn means they are relying on technology that isn’t there.

Motorists found themselves unsure of these three specific technologies:

Blind spot monitor: Eight of ten drivers couldn’t correctly asses what a blind spot monitor does. Many assumed their system could identify a bicyclist or jogger in their blind spot. Almost all systems struggle with this. Drivers assumed the feature could identify cars passing at high speeds, also untrue.

Forward collision warning: Over a quarter of the drivers surveyed thought that forward collision warning technology would apply the brakes for them, if necessary. These features merely alert a driver of a potential collision. They do not apply brakes or take control away from the driver.

Automatic emergency braking: Around 15 percent of drivers with automatic emergency braking systems were unsure if their car had them.

The consequences of misuse

While advanced driver assistance systems are a net positive in terms of driver safety, we need to use them responsibly. The safety gains get neutralized when we don’t understand these features. A quarter of all drivers rely on blind spot monitoring to account for fellow cars or pedestrians.

All of us need to be attentive while on the road. Even when we have the most updated technology available. If you’re in an accident with an inattentive driver, a skilled attorney can be a great resource.