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What are common mistakes people make after car crashes?

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car accidents may happen suddenly and without any warning. Accidents victims might feel shaken and in near shock. Such confusion could lead people to make disastrous mistakes after a crash, which may lead to worse problems. When involved in a motor vehicle accident in Nevada, performing specific steps might help preserve safety while adhering to the law. Some may discover performing the right actions could make it easier to file a negligence claim later.

Taking immediate action after a car crash

Among the biggest mistakes a person could make after a car accident involves not seeking medical attention. Some injuries, such as lacerations, are impossible to ignore. However, internal injuries or head trauma might not be as noticeable. People think they are fine, so they don’t seek medical attention. They may even ignore symptoms that manifest later, including dizziness or tingling, to their detriment.

Legally, choosing to leave the scene of an accident ranks as a terrible decision. Committing a hit-and-run is a crime that could reach felony levels. Drivers might not want to “get in trouble” or deal with civil actions. Not long after leaving the scene, the hit-and-run driver may face an arrest and far worse consequences.

The financial and legal issues after an accident

A driver might not be at fault for a crash, but nervousness leads the person to apologize. An apology could work against a victim who seeks compensation as “sorry” may become twisted into “I’m at fault.” When involved in motor vehicle accidents, it seems wise to be calm and collected and keep words minimal. Procuring insurance and contact information might be more critical than apologizing.

Not calling the police could be another regrettable mistake. A police report may detail pertinent facts about the crash, information that might serve as vital evidence in court.

Rushing into a settlement with an insurance company may rank as another troubling error. The insurance provider might wish to reduce its payments and protect its financial interests. Inexperienced persons could run into trouble negotiating with an insurance company.