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Shopping for your next bike helmet

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Bike-Accidents |

Riding a bike can be an inexpensive way to enjoy the city, but it has its own hazards. While you may be a safe bicyclist, many dangers can lead to an accident.

Protecting your head is essential to surviving a crash on your bike. Whether you are looking for your first helmet or it is time to replace an old one, it is crucial to make sure your helmet fits so you can have a safe ride.

Here’s what you should look for to ensure your helmet has a secure fit.

Level and secure

When choosing a helmet, you should start by getting an accurate measure of your head. However, you should keep in mind that your measurement is merely a starting point since there are several different shapes to accommodate different heads.

Your helmet should cover your forehead and sit just above your eyebrows. It should also sit level and not rock forward or back when you move your head.

Adjusting the retention harness

Your helmet should also have a harness that goes around your ears and fastens under your chin. The strap should fit flat against your head and meet just below your earlobes on each side.

Once the harness fits nicely under your ears, you can adjust the chin strap. The strap should fit against the bottom of your jaw. You should adjust the strap so that you can fit two fingers between your chin and the strap.

Comfort is essential

When trying on helmets, finding one that fits comfortably is crucial. If you purchase an uncomfortable helmet, you are unlikely to wear it, so a comfortable fit is essential.

You should also look for a helmet that has features that are important to you, such as ventilation if you want to avoid getting overheated while you ride.

A well-fitted, comfortable helmet is an essential part of bicycle safety. You should ensure you and your loved ones have safe and secure helmets for your next ride.