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Why is it safer to drive in the city?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many people think that driving in the city feels inherently dangerous. This is especially true for those who don’t live in the city and may simply be visiting. Everything can feel chaotic and the traffic levels are a lot higher than visitors may be used to. The bustle of the city makes some drivers very aware that they could be involved in an accident, as the chaos speaks to a particularly high level of risk.

Rural roads, on the other hand, often feel the exact opposite way. Roads are often long and straight with excellent visibility, so there’s no confusion. Traffic levels may be very low. These are the types of places where people may think about going for a leisurely Sunday drive.

The risks on rural roads

This view makes sense from a certain perspective, but studies have found that it just doesn’t align with reality. The fatal accident rates on rural roads are higher than those on city streets. Deadly accidents are, thus, more common on the roads where many drivers tend to feel safest.

The biggest reason for this is perhaps the speed at which vehicles are traveling. Speed and fatal accident odds are closely connected. If one accident happens in the city at 30 miles an hour and the exact same kind of accident happens on a rural road at 65 miles an hour, it’s the second accident that is more likely to be fatal. Rural areas almost always have higher speed limits, and that just means there’s a greater level of risk.

Additionally, people who get into accidents in more remote areas may not get medical care as quickly. Say that it takes an ambulance 10 minutes to get to the scene, 10 minutes to offer treatment and another 10 to get back to the hospital. That’s a half-hour delay that wouldn’t be experienced by someone who crashed in the city, within minutes of a hospital. The odds of overcoming serious injuries are higher when victims receive faster medical care.

If an accident occurs

Of course, fatal accidents can happen anywhere, as can accidents resulting in injuries. Those who have been hurt or who have lost loved ones can benefit from seeking legal guidance, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their particular harm.