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Negligent security in Las Vegas hotels

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2023 | Premises Liability |

If you’re like most people who travel, you pick your hotels based partially on their comfort and partially on the sense of security they give you – and you have every right to expect a safe environment during your stay.

Unfortunately, not all hotels prioritize security the way that they should, leading to potential hazards for guests. Even some of the best-known hotel chains, such as Hilton and Holiday Inn, have recently come under fire for their lax security in light of incidents involving sexual assaults on some of their guests. Negligent security can take multiple different forms, including the following.

Insufficient surveillance

Inadequate security camera coverage in hallways, parking lots and other public spaces can leave guests vulnerable to theft, vandalism or physical harm. Missing and broken security cameras basically advertise the fact that a hotel isn’t really taking its security seriously.

Faulty door locks

Door lock systems play a critical role in keeping guests safe. Neglecting to maintain and update these systems can lead to security breaches. Examples include keycard systems that are easily hacked or mechanical locks that are easily picked.

Poor control over access

Access control is another area where negligent hotel security can be evident. Failing to control entrances to the hotel premises, guest floors and other facilities, like the hotel pool or weight room, can make it easy for intruders to waltz right in.

Failure to train staff

Sometimes, the “human element” in a hotel is the big problem. When staff members aren’t properly trained, they may think nothing about handing over a spare keycard to someone masquerading as a guest.

No background checks

Hotel employees have access to guest rooms and sensitive information, such as home addresses and credit card information, so background checks are important. When a hotel employs someone with a history of theft or violence, that can put guests at significant risk of harm.

Poor lighting

Dark and poorly lit areas within and around a hotel can create an environment where criminal activity can thrive. This negligence can result in both accidents and crimes such as assaults and robberies.

If you have been victimized by the lax security in or around a hotel room, you have every right to pursue compensation for your injuries and losses. The first step is to find out more about your rights and options by seeking legal guidance.