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2023 Las Vegas Car Accident Statistics

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Las Vegas is a relatively sizable metropolitan area with a significant number of residential neighborhoods. As a result, not only does the Las Vegas area experience tourism traffic, but there is also plenty of the standard rush hour congestion as locals make their way to their jobs.

Every trip in a motor vehicle contributes to someone’s overall risk of being involved in a crash. Therefore, both those visiting the area and local residents may benefit from recognizing how crash risk around the Las Vegas area is actually significantly higher than it is elsewhere in Nevada.

What do crash statistics show about the dangers on the Vegas area streets in 2023?

The Vegas area experiences a high number of wrecks

Crashes are part of daily life everywhere in Nevada, but the volume of traffic in the Las Vegas area likely contributes to higher risk levels. When compared with the rest of the state, Las Vegas tends to see more serious collisions.

According to a report from a local NBC affiliate KSNV, there were 209 traffic deaths in Nevada between January and July of 2023. 32 of those fatalities occurred in July, which is very close to the 2022 data for the same month. Looking at statewide data, 2023 shows a reduction in motorcycle rider fatalities and deaths among those in vehicles without proper restraints. Sadly, the number of pedestrian fatalities has risen.

Clark County has seen 131 deaths in the first seven months of the year, which is a drop of approximately 10.9% compared with 2022 data from the same months. More than half of the reported traffic fatalities in 2023 have occurred in Clark County, and many of those collisions occurred specifically in Las Vegas.

Regardless of how crash rates fluctuate, a significant portion of the worst collisions each year tend to occur in Clark County and the greater Las Vegas area. Pedestrian crashes are one of the more pressing concerns because they often lead to severe injuries. With many people walking around the Las Vegas area, the increase in pedestrian collisions in recent years could be a sign of a very concerning trend.

What contributes to road risk?

There are many factors that influence how risky it is to be on the road in the Las Vegas area. Intoxication caused by both alcohol or drugs is a factor in a large number of the worst crashes that occur each year. Distraction, possibly related to the use of navigation software, also contributes to many of those crashes.

Tracking current collision statistics for Nevada and Clark County may help people better prioritize their efforts at maximizing driving safety in these areas accordingly.