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Injuries From Distracted And Intoxicated Drivers

The feeling of safety behind the wheel comes from the assumption that if you don’t do anything wrong, nothing bad will happen. Unfortunately, other drivers can shatter that assumption. Even if you do everything right, you can still be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The resulting car accidents can be severe, but our attorneys will do their utmost to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Hanratty Law Group has operated in the Las Vegas metro area for more than a decade, with sterling results.

Distracted Driving: A Growing Trend

After decades of decrease, the rate of fatalities on the road has actually gone up in recent years. One of the reasons is the prevalence of cellphone use among drivers. Even when using a hands-free device, drivers’ attention can wander, with disastrous consequences.

Even if it seems obvious that the driver who hit you was distracted, proving it can be difficult. We have the experience necessary to aggressively pursue these cases and ensure that justice is served.

Alcohol: The Ultimate Distraction

The only thing that compromises drivers more than texting and other distractions is alcohol, which is responsible for a huge share of injuries on the road. Drunk drivers are extremely hazardous, even if they’re lucky enough to avoid a DUI.

Negligence Is Negligence: Recovering Damages

Regardless of what particular distractions were at play in a given accident, you will need robust counsel to help you through the claims process and possible court action. We can review crash reports from law enforcement, inspect the accident site, consult with our trusted network of doctors and go over every detail to make sure that your claim is fairly valued.

Protect Yourself On The Road

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