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Why do pedestrian-car accidents happen? 

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2023 | Pedestrian Accidents |

The idea of a collision is frightening for both drivers and pedestrians since it may have terrible consequences. There may be responsibility to be attributed to both parties in these accidents, which can occur for a variety of causes.

Of the 79 pedestrian fatalities in Nevada in 2020, 60 of them occurred in Clark County. The first step in endeavoring to avoid as many of these avoidable accidents as possible is trying to understand how, why, and where they occur.

Pedestrians not being seen by drivers

The majority of pedestrian-auto collisions occur at night. They frequently happen on urban roads and in non-intersections.

Driver visibility is greatly reduced at this time of day, particularly if the pedestrian is dressed in dark clothing and cannot be seen. If the individual is attempting to cross a busy road without using a marked crosswalk, the risk is substantially increased.

There is also a greater likelihood that drunk driving by the driver was at least one of the contributing factors in accidents involving pedestrians and cars that happen at night.

Failing to yield where a pedestrian has right of way

A traffic signal will typically show when pedestrians can cross a road when there is a pedestrian crossing. This grants the pedestrian a “right of way” that takes precedence over the driver’s rights. Before continuing on the road, the driver must wait until people using the crossing have reached the other side and the lights have changed.

The consequences of being hurt when crossing the street as a pedestrian can be severe. There is help available to you, however, to get the compensation you deserve and move forward with your life.